Veneer and freestyle ski U-shaped venue

1. Introduction of single board and freestyle ski U-shaped venue

The freestyle U-shaped field is a snow project that uses a double board to do a series of action skills in a U-shaped pool. The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi was officially listed as a Winter Olympics sport. It is a small item in the freestyle skiing program and a relatively young project in the Winter Olympics. China established the Chinese Freestyle in April 2016. Ski U-shaped field team.

Snowboarding (also known as snowboarding) originated in the United States in the mid-1960s and was related to surfing. Sherman-Bupin tied two skis together in 1965, and by chance created a new "snowboard" with two feet on a single board. Snowboarding is also known as winter surfing, used by snowboarders. A ski instead of a pair of skis uses the body and feet to control the direction.

2, veneer and freestyle ski U-shaped venue competition rules

U-shaped pool The site is a U-shaped slide with a length of 120 meters, a width of 15 meters, a depth of 3.5 meters and an average slope of 18 degrees. The skateboard is slightly softer, wider and has a thicker sole. During the competition, the athletes use the slides to make various rotations and jumps while sliding along the U-shaped slides. Generally, the scores are 5-8. The five referees score according to the completed difficulty and effect. The score is no more than 10 points, and the sum of the five scores is the score of the player's current round. There are two rounds of qualifiers in the competition. The first six players in the first round of the qualifiers will advance directly to the finals. The remaining players participated in the second round of qualifiers, and the top six players also won the finals. The last 12 finalists played two rounds and scheduled the final ranking based on the best results in the two rounds. The main movements include plucking the board, plucking the non-scratching board, standing upside down, leaping upside down, and rotating.

3, veneer and freestyle ski U-type venue scoring system

In the skiing competition, the referee plays the corresponding scores in the scoring terminal system according to the athlete's performance, and after the summary calculation by the score processing system, the final score and ranking of the athletes are displayed in the venue large screen and the referee score terminal.

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